As I write this I wonder how many of you like myself, have been so busy we forgot to reflect, celebrate, pause and ponder the year that was all about 2013. Ponder as a way to ask …What if “IT” happened? I know I asked several times through 2013 and because I was so engaged in all that I was doing I missed some little things that became big things to growing ONEProject and the potential to make a difference through coach conversations the way I intended too.

The celebrations and WOW factor for me as I closed out 2013, was the strategic approach and focus laying the foundation for 2014. If it smells, tastes, feels and shakes like change it probably is. This is not the change burning holes in my pockets, it the change from the lessons and growth I experienced and feeling that better is always achievable. To create the change my coach didn’t ask me to eat an elephant, I was just asked to confront the elephant in the room and what was important to me.

My coach a while back asked me some questions and as a result of being in a better place I wanted to share these with you as a thank you for following me. My hope is that by passing these along you too can experience a shift and change as you create the 2014 you envision.

My Request Of You Is:

Retreat to a calm space or a place where you can gather your thoughts, focused and intent on exploring what matters most. Be ready to write or journal and answer the following. Take your time…remember, it takes only a few hundred hours to get your pilots license, yet it takes a lifetime to fly. What’s the rush? After all this is about you and your ability to fly in 2014 and beyond.

• What keeps you up at night? • What gets you going in the morning? • What keeps you grounded, focused, or centered? • What am I willing to let go of that no longer serve my life’s direction? • What friends, family or relationships do I want to reconnect with this year? • What contributions can I make that will make a positive difference in the world? • Who do I need on my team to help me expand and grow? • What are the possibilities if I accomplish my goals?

May 2014 bring laughter, joy, growth, a belief in yourself, your dreams and a life designed to be great!