About Marc Bowles



I believe in the humanity of people from around the world through a lens of curiosity and potential. Intuition is key to all this life’s work as I explore, "whats possible" with today's leaders. Leaders can no longer play safe. In order to truly embrace our purpose, we need to take risks, challenge assumptions and step outside our comfort zone.

I now consider myself a “re-purposed” athlete and can be seen hiking with my companion Coors, an Australian Shepard or on my road bike with my teammates and friends, cycling in Penticton, the Okanagan and wherever works take me, training for Just Giver 4PD and Ride2Survive. Causes close to my heart and groups dedicated to education and research in finding a cure for Parkinson’s adn Cancer.

My Mission 

To connect with leaders to “Sustain the Fascination” in leadership presence and growth through the art of coaching conversations. To inspire, invest and celebrate the capacity we each have to make a difference. To create a pivotal shift in the meaning of our work, our lives and the impact we have with others in all areas of our life, work and the communities in which we live around the globe.


Marc Bowles Certified Executive Coach

I am a Professional Ceritified Coach or PCC with the International Coach Federation, which places myself in select company in the industry's higher levels of recognized credentials. I possess:

To work with clients, explore solutions to performance through leadership, coaching and the creation of coaching environments is a privilege. For over three decades my work, learnings, inspiration and insights continue to be sought by global leadership teams of government organizations, Educational institutions, Construction Companies, Entrepreneurs, High Performance athletes and coaches. This passion for a coach approach has allowed me to connect with leaders in New Zealand, Australia, Kuala Lumpur, Lenningrad, United Emmirates, and most recently Beijing.

Marc Bowles Coach, Speaker, Mentor, Facilitator