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I am a firm believer in the power of community engagement to create the shift and impact in developing healthy, sustainable and meaningful change for the future.

Just Giver 4PD.

Although the cycling journey in support of PD began in 2009, the real journey to support two family members living with Parkinson’s Disease began long before. Wanting to make a difference beyond the daily talks with my dad and uncle, I joined a group of cyclists dedicated to creating awareness and raising funds and hope for Parkinson’s Disease. In August 2010, and for a cause close to my heart, I committed to supporting and raising awareness for Parkinson’s research through the Just Giver for Parkinson’s fundraising Tour and completed a 10- day, 1354 km cycle through BC, Canada with the JustGiver4PD Cycling group raising over $90,000 for PD Research. Here we are in 2021 and 11 years later the fight continues through the inspiration of those we met along the way and continue to meet daily.

PLEASE JOIN ME and JustGiver 4PD (Any events planned may be impacted by Covid.Stop by for any updates

Please check in regularly for updates on activities, adventures and stories for the 2021 events and a dedicated team on all fundraising efforts and rides. Covid may impact our efforts so stay connceted. Visit: (Coming soon) for my personal donation page. (coming soon)

Just Giver 4PD


On June 21st, 2019, we rode 400km in one day from Kelowna to Vancouver, BC to raise awareness and funds to continue to support those living with Cancer. In 2013, 2014 and 2015, I cycled for colleagues, friends and family that continue to ignite those around them to this day. 2019 was for my niece Marissa. Love you so much, We did it!!

These people and the many family, friends and colleagues, symbolize and represent the many faces that are living or have been touched by cancer and are the reason I rode 400km in one day to choose and try and make a difference. With your support we will make an impact, inspire and be part of the voice that says… We have had enough!

After 15 yrs of Ride2Survive, 2019 was the final year of the 400km journey. Look for the 2021 updates and how we can support my all those who say I have had enough!!

You can view my donation page for 2021 coming soon: 


7 yrs of inspiration & support in 2019

Rotary – RYLA

RYLA or the Rotary Youth Leadership camps are designed to provide tools to our next generation of leaders. RYLA, a Rotary Youth Leadership camp sponsors youth between the ages of 18 – 25 to attend a one week camp. Supporting RYLA for over 25yrs. In that time we have touched over 900 youth leaders in the USA and Canada and look forward to returning Virtually in July of 2021 to share life lessons, a passion for leadership presence, communication and the power of a coach approach in self-improvement with our future leaders.

Rotary Youth Leadership Association Logo

ICF Non Profit Community of Practice

Designed to bring key ICF coaches together to share best practice and improve and support NonProfit leadership and organization success. I have contributed to this ICF Community of Practice through virtual presentations and dialogue on the impact and support for nonprofit leadership development. 

The Hunger Project - Ethical Coach

It is with great excitement to announce I have been selected to join a team of global coaches to provide Leadership Coaching to those impacted by hunger. 

Hunger is about more than food.
It’s about people.

Top-down, aid-driven charity models fail to create lasting change in the lives of those in need. To achieve a sustainable solution to hunger, we need to flip that model on its head, and afford those living in hunger access to the education and tools needed to end hunger for good. 

The Hunger Project: Ending Hunger Starts With People 

The Hunger Project - Ethical Coach