When was the last time you checked in with yourself to ask the following; what am I doing that is creating the life I currently have? If not, maybe it’s time to call your own time out. Yet unlike sports when most time outs are called when things aren’t going well, how would things be different if you called your time out when things were going great?

Imagine connecting with people globally, sharing your story about meaningful events and causes close to you to create awareness and support for those that need support. Now imagine if those words, events and successes bring hope to others. Wow…Powerful, yet humbling.

Parkinson’s and cancer are causes that have affected my life and by connecting with others we have found strength and meaning in how we move forward every day. My original intent was to just share my story so that others would know they were not alone. What I didn’t plan on was how my story would connect me with amazing people across the continent.

Through sharing my story I have met incredible people and one person who I consider an inspiration to her dad, to me, and I am sure her entire network of friends. Sherri has become more than friend, she has become a rock that has brought more meaning to my work and to the cause we both believe in. Her presence and support provide the daily inspiration needed to keep this fight going and to find ways to help the ones we love.

What is truly amazing is that Sherri and I have never met yet her words and messages say otherwise. Social Media has brought an awareness and connection and level of meaning I never thought possible.

What has made this so valuable? At the present time there is no cure, so to Bram, Bill, John, Jim, Ian, Jill and many others know that through the stories we share, the connections we make, we will find a way to change your course and if not you, the next generation.

You see, the meaning of my life and work changed when I asked myself “What was creating the life I currently have?” The answer came shortly after a conversation with my dad when I said, “ dad, because of the Parkinson’s and my commitment to you, you have changed my life and in effect inspired everyone with Parkinson’s I have met as we share stories, laugh and provide hope.”

Ask yourself, What are the events that have shaped my life? And then go out there and get connected knowing the impact and difference it will make. Your great life is waiting for you!

To the Sherri’s of the world, thank you for the great life you are giving me.