Leadership Vibration has nothing to do with the shakes, nerves or an illness such as Parkinson’s Disease. Although we could learn a great deal about leadership, strength and courage from those battling Parkinson’s daily, this is about being in tune with those around us. Global conversations involve understanding the pulse, vibration and the impact we bring to the different cultures we interact with in today’s global marketplace.

My career has taken me to many places around the globe including New Zealand where I experienced the wonder and strength of the Maori. This culture demonstrated a respect for the world and nature around them unlike I had ever seen previously. The Maori are a very advanced native culture where I was able to share and learn as it relates to what I call leadership vibration unique to YOU.

It was shared with me at a cultural event where I was taught to weave a basket from the leaves of a native flax plant “we are part of nature, not apart from nature”. As with nature, the plants, animals and trees all have a unique signature like we humans do. In this view you are 100% unique…the vibration you give off is YOU and no one else has that unique gift to bring. The forest is organic and constantly renewing itself. How do you think organically? What do you do to renew so that those around you feel the pulse of your leadership, your vibration that is YOU?

As a leader you have a vision, a purpose and pulse, or I hope so! What would you survive for? What do you pull your organization toward? Look ahead or look back if you choose to a place where you entered and could feel the pulse, the vibration and said to yourself …”WOW, the energy in this place is unbelievable!” That is vibration and someone must be leading it, creating it and inspiring it!

Imagine if your leadership vibration created an environment rich in the “WOW” and connected with those around you. In case you didn’t notice, more and more, those around you and in your organization bring a richness of global cultures to an organization that if inspired can create a powerful and talented workforce. Like the forest vibrating and singing with the winds, protecting and giving life below, the vibration of your unique YOU can determine the life of your organization.

Go ahead…shake, vibrate and lead with a pulse and vibration unique to you! Create your own WOW!!

After all…you are part of your organization not apart from it.