So often in life we experience events and encounters that will change the core of what inspires us, what our passions are and define who we are. Go ahead…explore the years that have shaped you and you will find your life’s work like an apprentice plying their trade.

Mine was shaped through years of volunteering guided by my parents work in the community of Victoria. I saw and heard the stories at night of “how can we make this work for the kids and their families”, “if we don’t do this, who will”. Do any of these sound familiar?

I often wondered what I could do to make a difference growing up. Seem’s that the past three decades I have been serving my apprenticeship and sharing these gifts with anyone that would listen.

This past week my “inspiration meter” was on overload after speaking to a group of talented young athletes with dreams and commitment in pursuit of sports holy grail of championships. They asked questions, they listened intently and they demonstrated the passion necessary to succeed. This isn’t the end of this teams story which I will share later

The next day I met with an amazing young student full of self-doubt and in that place of University waiting. Waiting for grades, waiting for papers and of course, waiting to find out if they were accepted into the school to follow their dream in health care. I listened for a couple of hours to hear the passion in her voice and also the hesitation. After all, as I was told…this is my third time applying to get into the school. Yikes! We laughed at the options. They would accept the application because it was obvious she wasn’t going away any time soon. Or, they would suggest another option of coursework. I asked myself “what can I do for her in this moment?” As we talked we shifted to a place of possibilities and one of designing the future she wanted. We were all smiles with the new options.

I later received a text with the following…“OMG”! OMG!!”! Thanks for believing in me! The mail came and I have an interview!! Thank you. She was embracing the moment and bringing me with her and I couldn’t be more humbled by her text. Casual conversations sprinkled with inspiration and belief move the impossible to the possible and move our hearts. She inspired me to do more that day.

Oh yes…back to the team. As a result of the first session, I am speaking with them in another week. I was told the message “landed” with the team and they want more. Wohoo!!

I understand the impact belief has had on me. Sharing this message daily is an honor I take seriously. I am so blessed to have been provided with opportunities over the years to learn from my mentors what our message and presence can bring to inspire our youth to go for it and be bold in their dreams.

My path to share, volunteer and help make a difference was defined growing up. The more I reflect on my youth, the more defined my path becomes and the joy of living every day fuels my desire to do more. Define your path, share it with the world and enjoy the inspiration you provide to others.