ONEProject: Global Conversations Reignite The Gift of Language

For the last year I have had the amazing opportunity to share coaching through a global network. I continue to walk away from this group, a more informed coach with a greater understanding of the challenges within leadership on a global level. Language is a powerful tool yet, I continue to be humbled by the power of words and meaning during these conversations. I returned recently from an event where it was often expressed, we fix or we are here to repair people. Wow. Who would have thought that leadership was about the ability to fix or repair people? Imagine what would happen in our role as leaders if we could shift this perception to one of engaging people, empowering people, and inspiring people ? Once this shift occurred in the room, the energy increased as did the openness to possibility for moving toward the vision of what was discussed. An example occurred just this morning during a global call for leaders in a demo coaching session. I wasn’t as present at 7am as I needed to be and in the demo I used the words “correct me if I am wrong” when reflecting back to the coachee; . Learning moment for myself today. After the session I received an email with some amazing feedback indicating that to them What I would normally respond with would be “what I am hearing is…”. Even with a global audience being aware and present is critical.

Being aware of the words we choose in the moment during conversations has a profound effect on how the message is received. Learning through communication with these global leaders is inspiring, educational and filled with opportunities to collaborate in rich environment. Richness in our words is something we should all embrace.