INSPIRING YOUR CREATIVE WORK: What If Planting Season Was 365 days of the Year? Inspiration comes in many forms and from a variety of places if we are open enough to see it when it shows itself. Many times we hear the old saying… “the mind is like a parachute, it functions best when it is open.” In living with intent and purpose we create opportunities to make a difference and impact to those around us in ways we may not know for many years to come. I for one feel very fortunate that what was shared over 20 yrs ago made a significant impact and has developed into an amazing friendship.

Take yourself and whether you are passionate about gardening or planting, walk with me for a minute to explore this idea further.

I was fortunate to grow up in a family that was passionate about gardening. Later on I moved and purchased a small orchard. The one thing I learned early on was that not everything you plant grows at the same rate or perhaps does not grow at all. Yet, if you didn’t plant and seeds, nothing would happen.

This came to me while cutting the fields around the orchard and checking the apples and fruit. Take an apple and cut in half and notice in awe the number of seeds available to you. If you recognize at that moment that some will grow and others may not, it is an exciting time when you look for opportunities that are presented to you.

I have embraced this analogy into my life’s work and the results have been and I expect will continue to, grow. As a coach, father, husband, colleague or friend, not every question, comment or communication will make an impact and help support or grow in that moment. I didn’t know it at that moment, yet over 20 years ago, I planted a seed of encouragement in a young man who achieved many great things in his life and with his family and I am humbled to be a part of his life.

Think about the words you choose daily, the messages you leave with your team, your family, your colleagues and ask yourself, “if every communication or moment is an opportunity to make an impact, what impact am I leaving?” What is the seed I have just planted? And then continue to nurture that seed through time and the results will show.

Go make an impact in your own way and enjoy the growth of the forest you plant!