It is often said that our ability for self-reflection can often lead to our greatest opportunity for growth…and man oh man, have I grown! I was recently asked a question about “where is the blog writing Marc?” Then the biggest question of all, “what impact and message are you sending by not following through with writing?” I heard once that banging your head against the wall burns off several hundred calories. Since “Banging my head against a wall” was not an attractive option, I reflected on the feedback, the intent of the message and began to burn calories in a whole new realm and much more acceptable manner. I accepted the message based on its source and my own lens that it was clear. START NOW!!

In my previous blog submission I spoke about the value and recognition of support to ensure we get out of our own way. This same recognition can be used to help support and develop the team or individual. Ii is affectionately call the “accountability police” for us. My role as a coach is to support and help my clients see possibilities while also developing strategies for success. This includes identification of and placing value on accountability and the, who, what, how, the when of ensuring my clients have identified a framework for moving forward.

The reality is as a coach, I also need to have a support team and for my own coach and support network to hold me accountable to my own development. The accountability to myself and the belief others have in supporting my objectives is an inspiration that pulls me forward. I was reminded very respectfully that it was time for me to step up and share.

You have your support team, you have a vision, you have objectives and a plan, now the challenge is to implement. Question to self:

  1. What support do I need?
  2. On a scale of one to ten, how committed am I to this?
  3. What will start me moving toward my objectives?
  4. How will I know I am making progress?

These are just some of the questions I needed to ask myself in moving forward. For me the other magic was shifting from the words “struggle” to “challenge” and then replace it with the word “opportunities”. Try to frame moving forward with inspiration. How would my perception change now that I see this as…the opportunities to implement are…”. WOW!! Try it. I did and the results are amazing. I would challenge you to continue your self-reflection, identify the support required to hold yourself accountable to your vision. Enjoy the journey of growth, I sure am. Oh yeah…thanks RT !!